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How to become a champion of Ukraine

 "Zoo Impair: dogs", ¹1 (7) 2002

         First of all the master of the dog must be the member of the Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU) – The only one organization the represents the  Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in our Country.

         The dog must be registered in the herd-book of the UKU, which means that the dog must have the pedigree documents accepted by this organization. When the puppy is 15 month old he’s allowed to show at the National and International shows of Ukraine in the classes that provide receiving the title of CAC. These are: the intermediate class – from 15 till 24 month, opened class – from 15 till 8 years, working class – from 15 month till 8 years old. The registration in this class is performed only if there is a training diploma (It can be any diploma in one of the program’s of CAC and the dog must obligatory have an international IPO certificate or SchH for the CACIB shows).  And finally the champions class – from 15 month till 8 years old. In this class the dog must have the certificate of the champion in any Country that is member of FCI.


The 4 CAC certificates are required to get the title: ”the champion of Ukraine”, In this case there must be not more than one-year interval between the first and the last certificate. One of these titles must be gained at one of the two main shows held in Ukraine. The first is called: “Ukraine” and is held in Kiev, and the second is called: ‘The Crystal cup of Ukraine”. Also the UKU confirmed training diploma is required as the necessary condition of getting the title “the champion of Ukraine”.


There also some ways of extremely fast achievement of the precious title, but these ways need the high level of SchH. It’s the National breed competitions.  The female and the boy that became the best on these shows receive the title of the “All-Ukrainian winner” that is equated with 3 CAC. When the dog gains the fourth, the main CAC (at one of the two Kiev’s CACIB shows), it receives the Ukrainian champion title in advance without time limitations.

          Well, inasmuch as the Title of National champion is the inner prerogative of the country, there are no international rules of it. The rules are set up by the each country individually (For example in Moldova you are welcome to receive the National champions’ title within two days, in case you visit one mating show and get the CAC diplomas on each day).  Therefore there are many exceptions from the rules.  For example the German shepherd and the Kavkas shepherd dog competition is held in April 2002 as the part of Ukrainian show 2002. The dog that gains the CAC in any class of the competition and verifies it on the CACIB on the next day receives the title: “Ukrainian champion” without any time limitations. 

         On the Rotveller championship that would be held in October 2006 the new rules are appearing to maximize the possibility of getting CAC. The winner class is introduced. The dog can reach it in case it has any title accepted by UKU. 

bulch.jpg robin-chmd.jpg rob-bel.jpg

    So if you have your certificate in your hands but you’re not yet satisfied with your success, you should try the new variety of variants for your dog to become an show model.  For example, you can go to one of these countries (Russia, Romania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Byelorussia) and get the CAC title in any class and become a so-called “National champion for a day”. So, if your dog received three of these titles, I have mentioned before, you can bravely write in the advertising the rank of “The Multichampion”. But do not mix titles with ranks, it doesn’t fit each other. The title is an official thing and is put into the pedigree documents of the dog, and the rank is advertising at the mass media, show catalogues, in communicating with interested party.

grand1.jpg bob.jpg grand2.jpg

    The main direction of the UKU has developed the list of ranks to popularize the cynology among the citizens, so here they are: The Grand-champion of Ukraine – another one composition of CAC, after receiving the title: “The champion of Ukraine” and you can run to take your certificate.  The Junior Champion of Ukraine – the junior class envisages the receiving of CAC for the best boy and female at the spring “Ukraine” show.  The Best Junior of the breed (attention! Only one dog – either boy or girl) automatically gains the rank of “The junior Champion of Ukraine” Best of the Best in Breed. So if your dog received the 4 titles of BOB (one of them at Kiev’s CACIB) you can go further to take your certificate.

    And at the end I’d like to admit that the titles that are put into the pedigree documents of the dog are: ÑÀÑ, Res.CAC, CACIB, Res.CACIB, the champion of the Country, BOB, International Champion, and surely the training.

 We wish your dog to get the most completed collection of the titles and ranks!

 The Materials are presented by the president of the certificate commission of UKU

Marina Medvedeva